Graduate Schools

Nishogakusha University has two Graduate Schools; Literature and International Politics and Economics. Their wide range of research activities has an excellent reputation. The door is open not only to Japanese students, but also students from foreign countries and established members of society who are eager to explore their academic interests. Students may choose either a full time or night-school status. The Graduate Schools are also designed to foster researchers and professionals.

The Graduate School of Literature


The Graduate School of Literature has two courses: a course in Japanese Literature and a course in Sinology. They are designed to promote global dissemination of the Oriental Studies, the core philosophy of Nishogakusha and to foster diversified advances for humanity . Their Doctoral Programs are divided into the First Stage and the Late Stage.

For the Course in Japanese Literature, students will be engaged in a wide range of researches from ancient to present times, analyzing and reviewing literary works, authors, backgrounds, ideologies and languages, referring to original sources and other reference materials.

For the Course in Sinology, students will be engaged in in-depth, multidirectional researches, focusing on association of Chinese classical literature, language, thought and philosophy nurtured by long, multifaceted histories of China, with Japan and East Asian countries. Courses are divided into 3: Sinology, Japanese Way of Understanding Chinese Classics Studies and Comprehensive Cultural Studies. In addition, there is a special program offering for current junior high school and high school teachers. This program is called Japanese Language Education Program where they may be able to obtain a master’s degree or a professional certificate in one year.

The Graduate School of International Politics and Economics


The Graduate School of International Politics and Economics offers a two-year master’s course aimed at fostering highly qualified professionals. The course is intended to train internationally-minded professionals with a broad global view and practical skills, through researches on politics, economics, laws and social situations in Asia from a today’s standpoint in the Globalization Era. This course is based on the philosophy of “establishing the system of the Oriental Studies and spirit of practical science,” This Graduate School offers two courses. One is the Course in International Politics and Economics for both full-time and night school students. This course is well-balanced between basic studies and applied studies. The other is the East Asia Economics and Business Program mainly offered for established members of society at night and on Saturdays, aimed at integration of theory, practice and application.