Faculty of Literature

Faculty of Literature

Faculty of Literature has two departments, Department of Japanese Literature and Department of Chinese Literature. In their second year, students may choose a concentration from among 10 courses. They are the Course in Japanese Literature, Course in Art Image, Drama and Media, and Course in Japanese Language and Japanese Culture at Department of Japanese Literature; Course in Chinese Literature, Course in Japanese kanbun, Course in Chinese Language, Course in Chinese Calligraphy, Course in Korean Language at Department of Chinese Literature; Course in Comparative Literature and Culture common to both departments; Special Program in East Asian Culture and Society common to these two departments.

Faculty of International Politics and Economics

The Department of International Political Science and Economics

Interdisciplinary integration is implemented in Department of International Political Science and Economics at Faculty of International Political Science and Economics beyond the framework of traditional departments of politics and economics or existing fields of academic studies. In this way, students can learn and understand international affairs from a multi-dimensional point of view. In their second year on, students may choose from among four courses in order to acquire professional standpoint and practical skills. The courses offered are the Course in International Politics and Cooperation, Course in International Economics and Business, Course in Laws and Administration. Students can explore areas of academic interest from among abundant studies covering theory, history, and data analysis and on the like.